Update: Two-factor authentication

At FleetGO we are continuously adding new updates, to increase the ease of use of our platform and to create new tools for our users. In the newest version, we have added functionality to make the log-in process easier and safer with two-factor authentication. In addition, automatic notifications have been added for vehicle damage that is discovered through our vehicle inspection app.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA for short) is a method used to secure accounts against unauthorized access. This system requires users to identify themselves in a second way, usually through a code generated by an app on their mobile phone or via SMS, in addition to their username and password. 2FA significantly increases the security of an account by making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access without the additional authentication factor. Nowadays, 2FA is increasingly implemented by companies and organizations. It is highly recommended to activate 2FA on your accounts for added safety.

2FA at FleetGO

At FleetGO, the system works as follows: the two-factor authentication means that is easier for you to log in safely. Every time you try to login, you get the opportunity to confirm your identity with your mobile phone. This makes it impossible for a stranger to access your data, without having access to your mobile phone and desktop PC. This function results in a easy-to-use way to login, that still follows the most secure access.

FleetGO has the option to activate 2FA per user. This must be done by a admin and it takes just a few clicks. Log-in to FleetGO, navigate to Management > Common > Users and open the specific user for whom you want to activate 2FA. Click on Edit and check the box at Multi-factor authentication. After saving, the following confirmation will be shown: the user will need to set-up 2FA at the next Log-in. 

When the user will log-in, they need to scan the QR code via the Authenticator App on his mobile phone. When this is done successfully, the Authenticator app will generate a code to Log-in to FleetGO. Please note that at first, you will see a screen with restore codes, in case you lose your phone.

Vehicle Inspection Damage Notifications

Apart from the two-factor authentication, there is another function added to FleetGO. Damage that is reported with our vehicle inspection app during a vehicle inspection is automatically relayed to the fleetmanager. This way, you can take action faster so your vehicles are repaired quickly and are standing still for the least amount of time. Resulting in your fleet being on the road again as fast as possible, with FleetGO.