New Tachograph Symbols

new tachograph symbols

In the near future, the new 2nd generation smart tachograph will be mandatory. If you do not have a first-generation smart tachograph, you will be required to use one starting from December 2024 if your trucks are driving internationally. This obligation will apply to all internationally traveling vehicles from August 2025. The 2nd generation tachograph includes new symbols that can display more detailed information to the user.

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GNSS Symbol

One of the notable improvements of the new tachograph is the addition of symbols related to the vehicle status. For instance, a symbol has been added for the GNSS sensor, which allows for precise location tracking. GNSS is a general term that includes GPS among others. GPS has, of course, been the standard for vehicle location tracking for years. With this new addition, drivers can now determine the location of their vehicles even more precisely.

Weight Vehicle Combination

Another of the new symbol provides information about the weight of the vehicle combination, including the total weight of both the vehicle and the trailer. This allows drivers to monitor the weight of their vehicle and ensure compliance with applicable weight restrictions and regulations.


The new tachograph can now specifically track the type of cargo being transported. This includes tracking goods or passengers, as well as the exact locations where they are loaded and unloaded. This provides drivers with more detailed information about their load and can assist in managing logistics and meeting the requirements of the freight transportation sector.


Overall, the 2nd generation smart tachograph provides an increased level of detailed information to drivers. This helps them gain better insights into the status of their vehicle, specifically in terms of location, weight, and cargo. This can contribute to more efficient and safer management of transportation, while also complying with applicable laws and regulations in the transportation sector. It’s important for drivers to be aware of the new obligations related to the 2nd generation of smart tachographs and take necessary measures in a timely manner to comply with them.