Tachograph Services

Transport managers and logistics companies looking to improve compliance with fleet management regulations require tachograph services. The services help manage and enhance compliance with drivers’ hours and adherence to tachograph regulations. For instance, a tachograph service provider can assist the company with installing fleet management systems and digital tachograph cards. Other provided services include tachograph downloads and data analysis to help avoid violation of EU regulations.

Types of Approved Tachograph Services

According to European regulations, commercial vehicles must be fitted with tachograph systems. Vehicles manufactured after May 2006 must have a digital tachograph, while older cars with analogue tachographs can still maintain an analogue tachograph system. Since tachograph systems record driving information, like speed, time spent driving and distance travel, it is important to ensure drivers and fleet management crew follow the rules. Approved tachograph services in the UK help drivers with the management of analogue and digital tachograph systems.

Tachograph Services

Tachograph services can involve installing and replacing tachograph systems. For analogue tachographs, they should be checked every two years and recalibrated after six years at an approved calibration centre. Unlike analogue tachographs, a digital tachograph should be recalibrated every two years to ensure the data stored in the system is accurate to comply with European legislation.

Most tachograph service providers also offer repair services for any issues with digital tachograph services. If fault codes are visible on the tachograph unit, it is crucial to repair and ensure the commercial vehicle is fully operational.

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The Benefits of Tachograph Analysis Services

A tachograph analysing service provider offers the installation of digital tachograph cards and driver cards. That means they can assist managers with setting up fleet tracking systems and downloading data from the tachographs. Downloaded information from digital tachographs is usually complex and challenging to understand. Hence, fleet managers require tachograph analysis services to group the data and analyse it into relevant information for decision-making.

Tachograph analysis services help fleet managers and logistic companies monitor the performance of drivers and vehicle operations based on the tachograph data. A tachograph collects data on speed, distance, location and driver’s behaviour on the road. The complex data is analysed to provide the fleet manager with detailed reports and operational summaries of the vehicles in the fleet and the risks associated with a vehicle.

The main benefit of tachograph analysis services is the simplified reports generated from the collated data. Fleet managers can also manage drivers’ working time by analysing the driving hours from the data and using the information to reduce downtimes and optimise working hours. The tachograph analysis provides a debrief system that helps managers spot repeat infringement and the best corrective measures. Fleet managers can escalate disciplinary matters with the debrief system to reduce repeat infringements.

Tachograph analysis services promote decision-making in fleet management companies. The analysed data available to managers can help make data-driven decisions that improve business outcomes. The tachograph data analysis usually provides trends and summary reports on the performance of each vehicle. The information is valuable in route optimisation and cost control.


In fleet management companies, understanding the operations of the trucks and drivers isn’t just a good business practice; it is a legal requirement. Having approved tachograph services improves compliance monitoring to avoid fines arising from infringements. Tachograph administration helps fleet managers stay on top of operations due to real-time status reports and in-depth analysis.


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