Driver Card: Applications, Renewals And Costs

Every bus or truck with a digital tachograph must also be provided with a (personal) driver card. Below, you can read how you can request this card, renew it and see what the costs are.

Request a driver card

To comply with the tachograph requirements, you need a driver card on which your specific (personal) information is stored. On the basis of this information as well as the information on the mass memory, it can be checked whether you or your drivers comply with the driving and rest times legislation. Every country has an authority where the driver card can be applied for. In The UK, you can request the card via the online GOV.Then you need to follow the steps as described on the application page of the relevant website.

Country Truck driver card costs CostsRequest
The Netherlands € 121,00Kiwa RegisterRequest
Germany € 46,30TÜV SÜDRequest
United Kingdom£ 32,00GOV.UKRequest
Belgium€ 65,00DigitachRequest
Denmark525 kr.PolitiRequest

Table 1: Driver card costs per country (Europe).

Extending the driver card

As a rule you can extend your driver card. In that case, however, you must then again meet the issuing requirements of the relevant country. Usually you also have to submit a new passport photo.

The Netherlands € 121,00Kiwa Register
Germany€ 40,00Bussgeldkatalog
United Kingdom£ 32.00 Nidirect
Belgium€ 65,00Digitach
Denmark525 krPoliti

Table 2: Renewal fee for driver card per country (Europe). 

How soon will you receive your driver card?

The delivery time of a driver card varies. In The Netherlands and in most EU countries you will receive the card within ten working days.

Remote Tacho Download 
The Remote Tacho Download solution has been designed in order to unburden fleet managers by automating the download of digital tachograph files. Instead of manually downloading tachograph and driver data from the vehicle, our solution enables the fleet manager to see all digital tachograph files in one single platform. Data is sent via our control unit directly into the platform. All files are checked on completeness and integrity so you always know if your archive meets the regulations.

IMPORTANT: This is only a brief guide and no rights can be granted. Any driver or company should always rely on the full legal document which can be found here:

This article was updated 24-12-2019

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