Driver Card: Applications, Renewals And Costs

Every bus or truck with a digital tachograph must also be provided with a (personal) driver card. Below, you can read how you can request this card, renew it and see what the costs are.

Digital tachograph application

A complete digital tachograph application consists of three things. To begin with, to acquire a digital tachograph, one contacts a dealer or one of the few manufacturers (Stoneridge, Tachomaster, Optac, Novadata, RSA). Secondly, to use the tachograph, a company needs a company card to register the tachograph(and its vehicle) to the company. To apply for a company card, one needs an official registration as a company, usually a transport license. At last, the drivers need to apply for driver cards. Both company and driver cards can be acquired at the government agency for transport.

Driver Card Applications Renewals Costs Pound

Application for a digital tachograph driver card (UK)

If you need to apply for a digital tachograph driver card can find the details on the website of the GOV. Via the following link you can find all the information you need.

The process is quite easy and the application can be done online. To do the online application you’ll need:

• a GB photocard driving licence (England, Wales and Scotland)
• your driving licence number
• a credit or debit card

Request a driver card

To comply with the tachograph requirements, you need a driver card on which your specific (personal) information is stored. On the basis of this information as well as the information on the mass memory, it can be checked whether you or your drivers comply with the HGV driving hours. Every country has an authority where the driver card can be applied for. In The UK, you can request the card via the online GOV.Then you need to follow the steps as described on the application page of the relevant website.

Country Truck driver card costs CostsRequest
The Netherlands € 121,00Kiwa RegisterRequest
Germany € 46,30TÜV SÜDRequest
United Kingdom£ 32,00GOV.UKRequest
Belgium€ 65,00DigitachRequest
Denmark525 kr.PolitiRequest

Table 1: Driver card costs per country (Europe).

Extending the driver card

As a rule you can extend your driver card. In that case, however, you must then again meet the issuing requirements of the relevant country. Usually you also have to submit a new passport photo.

The Netherlands € 121,00Kiwa Register
Germany€ 40,00Bussgeldkatalog
United Kingdom£ 32.00 Nidirect
Belgium€ 65,00Digitach
Denmark525 krPoliti

Table 2: Renewal fee for driver card per country (Europe). 

How soon will you receive your driver card?

The delivery time of a driver card varies. In most European countries you will receive the card within ten working days.

This article was updated 24-12-2019

Digital tachograph card price (UK)

In search for the digital tachograph card price? There are different types of cards which can be inserted into the Tachograph. Starting with the company digital tachograph card UK. The company card is needed to lock the recorded data in Tachograph, and makes it impossible for any other operator to take a look at this data.

The company’s digital tachograph card makes it possible to download the tachograph data from the tachograph. Mainly interesting for analyzing purposes like drivers’ hours and scheduling, as required by legislation and to maintain records which are described in the undertakings of the Operator’s License issued by the Traffic Regulator.

The second important card is the personal digital tachograph driver card. This personal card belongs to the driver and is mandatory for each driver who drives a lorry with a digital tachograph. The personal digital tachograph driver card registers all the activities of the driver and is therefore really important for a watertight administration. Driving without a valid driver card can result in high fines and even losing the operator’s license. Please check our article about Dealing with missing mileage for more info and our solution to manage them easily.

Regarding the cost of the company and driver card. Below you will find an overview of the cost provided by the GOV | DVLA.

Company card price

  • £32 for your first Company Card Application
  • £32 for additional Company Card(s)
  • £19 for replacement Card
  • £19 for renewal

Driver card price

  • £32 for your first GB driver digital tachograph card
  • £19 to renew an expired card
  • £19 to replace a lost or stolen card
  • £32 to change an EU, EEA, or Northern Ireland tachograph card to a GB tachograph card

Renewing a Digital Tachograph Card

Renewing a digital tachograph card is done towards the end of the validity period or when a card is lost or stolen. Digital tachograph cards are valid for 5 years, and drivers should renew at least 15 days before the current card expires. After the expiry date, the card is only used to display or download data. Read on for details on the renewal process and useful tips.

How To Start the Renewal of a Digital Tachograph Card

The Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) issues a notification to the last known address of the driver with the D786(NI) application form. Drivers should fill out the form and post it back to DVA. When a driver doesn’t receive a notification for renewing a digital tachograph card, they can use the D777(NI) tachograph card application. The forms are usually sent with a new photograph if the driver has no NI driving licence. The expired card should be kept for 28 days in case it is required at a roadside checkpoint.

When To Expect After Renewing Digital Tachograph Cards

The DVA delivers the driver’s card within four weeks of renewing digital tachograph cards. Drivers who fail to receive the card should contact DVA within 8 weeks. If the driver fails to contact DVA within 8 weeks, they must apply for a duplicate and pay the relevant charges.


Lost, stolen or expired digital tachographs should be renewed as soon as possible before the driver hits the road. After the renewal application, drivers can drive without the card for 15 days while waiting for the renewed card.


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