Fleet Tracker Software

Companies that rely on commercial vehicles to do business require fleet tracker software to monitor the activities of the vehicles. The software is a valuable component of the fleet management system since it allows remote data collection, downloading and vehicle monitoring. A good fleet tracker software system can improve vehicle utilisation and maintenance or control operational costs and risks associated with fleet management.

What Is Fleet Tracker Software?

Fleet tracker software helps the fleet manager accomplish specific tasks or gain insights into the company’s drivers and vehicles. It allows data collection from the vehicle unit and the driver’s tachograph card. The software uses telematics technology to collect data from the GPS tracking device on the vehicle’s OBD port. While it gathers complex data sets, it converts them into easy-to-understand information. Fleet managers use the information to coordinate fleets, control costs and ensure compliance with regulations.

Fleet Tracking Software

The software can maintain accurate and real-time data on vehicle geolocation and diagnostics. Fleet managers can also use the data to identify risky and unsafe driver behaviours. Using the software reduces fleet managers’ workloads significantly and improves accessibility to information from multiple locations.

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The Benefits of Fleet Tracker Software

Logistics and transport companies can benefit from using fleet tracking software since it automates data collection and tachograph analysis. Data is valuable for route optimisation and cost control. Fleet tracking software’s greatest benefit is the intelligent interpretation of huge data sets into easy-to-use reports.

Fleet managers can choose between passive and real-time tracking software, but both technologies transmit information on the vehicle’s location, routes, speed and direction. With the real-time fleet tracking software, fleet managers receive up-to-date information on everything happening in the field. The software packages the data for analysis to show clear trends and problem areas. The information accuracy improves the process of monitoring information and efficiency.

Companies with effective fleet tracking software can improve driving habits by monitoring and reducing engine idle time and harsh cornering. They can also monitor fuel consumption and find ways to reduce fuel usage and costs. By tracking vehicle diagnostic information, fleet managers can optimise fleet maintenance costs.

Features To Look For in Fleet Tracking Software

Fleet managers or logistics companies looking for fleet tracking software should keep in mind the following features:

  • Fleet data collection capabilities: Fleet management solutions are useful if they provide complex data for analysis, but fleet managers don’t want information dump. The fleet software should collect and analyse the information and provide trend reports, dashboard summaries, driver rankings and telematics data.
  • Accessibility: The information from the fleet trackers should be accessible in real time to facilitate operations monitoring and quick decision-making. The software should be accessible from any device and compatible with the major browsers.
  • Route optimisation: The GPS tracking software should have a route optimisation feature to assist managers with defining the optimum journey for each job. The route optimisation feature makes it easier to calculate the idle time on the road and at pick-up and delivery sites.
  • Diagnostics notifications: The fleet tracking software should have a diagnostic trouble code that provides notifications of mechanical problems. It allows the drivers to fix minor issues on the road before the problems escalate.


Reliable fleet tracker software is useful in collecting and interpreting huge amounts of data from the fleet. It simplifies the tachograph analysis by converting the information into easy-to-read reports.

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