Truck Tracking

Harnessing the power of our innovative CubiQ hardware device, intuitive FleetGO Cloud platform and handy mobile app, the FleetGO truck tracking system is a reliable end-to-end solution that offers invaluable insights into each and every truck in your fleet.

Truck tracking
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Truck Tracking System

With FleetGO’s real-time truck tracking system, retrieving key information about your trucks and their drivers has never been simpler. Our cutting-edge telematics hardware device — The CubiQ — is a unique, highly secure piece of tracking equipment that can be easily installed into your fleet of trucks, allowing you to record the data that matters to you most.

The device is seamlessly integrated into our FleetGO Cloud platform, where you can access and analyse all of the data being recorded at any time of day.

Monitor the routes and distance your trucks have travelled, the locations they have visited and the total time they have spent on the road, all in one place.

All of the key truck-specific information stored in the FleetGO Cloud platform is clearly displayed in easy-to-browse lists and can be used to generate customised, data-rich reports. Thanks to the smart and sophisticated truck tracking system from FleetGO, you’re able to effortlessly optimise your everyday operations, improve productivity and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

GPS Truck Tracking

At FleetGO, we offer state-of-the-art GPS tracking for trucks. But what exactly is GPS tracking? In simple terms, a GPS tracker is a device that establishes and follows the location of the person, vehicle, or object carrying it using the Global Positioning System. In turn, location data is gathered and shown on a map, which can be used to determine the carrier’s whereabouts.

FleetGO’s unrivalled truck location tracking provides a comprehensive overview of your fleet of trucks, including details about their current location and drop-off location, as well as a detailed log of all of their movements and trips to date.

What’s more, our savvy solution enables you to establish virtual boundaries around locations or specific areas using geofencing. Keep on top of any suspicious activity by choosing to receive an instant notification — via WhatsApp, SMS, phone call, or email —  when a truck enters or leaves a predefined area, or when unexpected activity occurs within or outside of specified hours.

Truck Tracking Software

FleetGO Cloud is a cloud-based telematics platform like no other, giving you the power to collect and analyse data from all of your connected trucks. A flexible and high-end solution, our proprietary platform is feature-rich and includes a user-friendly dashboard that makes collecting, aggregating and analysing data more straightforward than ever.

The live interactive map within the FleetGO Cloud platform identifies and displays each of your light and heavy goods vehicles, so you can keep track of all of your trucks no matter the time of day.

Truck Tracking Software​

Frequently updated with new features and functionalities, our responsive platform is fully customisable, allowing you to move or remove menu functions as needed.

What’s more, you can even select the colour scheme of the user interface and integrate your company logo for a more personalised look and feel. Complete with a role-based access system, our cloud-based telematics tool can be accessed by various individuals across your business — simply customise their individual user permissions according to your needs.

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Truck Tracking Device

Technology and innovation stand at the heart of everything we do at FleetGO. To allow us to offer the very best end-to-end solution, we manufacture our very own telematics hardware, right here in-house.

In 2018, we released the latest version of our revolutionary truck tracking device – The CubiQ.

Truck Tracking Device​

This state-of-the-art piece of truck tracking equipment registers all movement and vehicle activity, and maintains a detailed log of all trips, routes and locations visited. Better still, the device is seamlessly integrated into our FleetGO Cloud platform, where all recorded data can be easily accessed in a matter of clicks.

By manufacturing our own truck tracking device, we have complete control over its features and quality, as well as the components we use. As such, The CubiQ stands apart from other commercial truck tracking devices available on the market from wholesale manufacturers.

At FleetGO, security is of utmost importance. In fact, it’s one of the key reasons behind our decision to develop our own hardware. The CubiQ boasts an array of high-end security features, including firmware signing and encryption, SMS-command signing and Device ROM and bootloader protection.

Truck Driver Tracking System

Today, the majority of commercial trucks are fitted with a digital tachograph, which enables haulage companies to record invaluable driver and vehicle data. This includes information such as journey distance, speed, driving time and driver activity. For a driver to be able to operate any vehicle that is equipped with a tachograph, they must be in possession of a tachograph driver card. Drivers may only own one driver card — this card is personal to them and is valid for five years.

At the start of their working day, the driver must ensure that their driver card is inserted into the tachograph. This action registers the cardholder as the driver of the vehicle and allows the necessary data to be recorded. While operating a truck without a driver card is technically possible, this is against road haulage regulations. To prevent this from happening, the vehicle itself will record any time it is used without a driver card.