Tachograph Download Equipment

There are roughly two different options to download the .ddd-files from a digital tachograph and the driver cards. In this article we’ll explain these two options:

Option 1: Remote Tacho Download

With Remote Tacho Download, all data from both vehicle and driver are downloaded automatically. For this, the vehicle needs a suitable download device that is able to download the encrypted data and sends it remotely to another server. The company card is installed in a central place and is it’s not necessary to put it into the tachograph anymore.

This is by far the most convenient way to download the files and make sure that you download the files in time.

There are two different technologies for remote downloading tachograph files:

(through WLAN/WiFi) or a long-range (through cellular network)

  • Short-range: downloading through WLAN/WiFi
  • Long-range: download through cellular network

Read more about the differences here.

With Remote Tacho Download from FleetGO you’ll never have to manually download the .ddd-files from your vehicles or driver cards again: all files will be downloaded automatically, no matter where your vehicles or drivers are.

Option 2: Tacho Download Key

A download key is a device with which you can manually download and archive the data from the internal memory of the tachograph as well as the data from the driver cards of a digital tachograph. From the key, the data can be stored via USB directly on a computer. You can then upload the data manually to the FleetGO Cloud where it is analysed for completeness and violations.

To download the tachograph data, a company card must be inserted into the tachograph!

Read more about the tacho download key here.

Please beware that with downloading the files only, you do not meet all legal requirements around the tachograph rules. You must use a tool to analyse the files to make sure your archive is complete and check if drivers followed their driving and rest times. Read more about tachograph analysis here.

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