Remote Diagnostics

With Remote Diagnostics, the aim is to retrieve specific vehicle diagnostics information remotely from the vehicles. Modern vehicles contain multiple computers that register all kinds of data about what’s happening ‘inside’ the vehicle. This data is recorded in these computers and are the source for workshops to obtain information about the vehicle’s health status or to investigate a problem. All this data we call ‘vehicle diagnostics’.

Remote Diagnostics

Remote Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Prevent vehicle breakdowns by keeping perfect control over the pressure of your tyres. Prevent flats and save on fuel.

Increase the lifetime of your tyres

Usually, this data is only available for your workshop and the car manufacturer itself. But with the right equipment, like a blackbox that connects to the right systems, it’s possible to retrieve this data directly. Without having to go to the workshop. We call this ‘remote diagnostics’.

Remote diagnostics offers you a complete overview of the status and health of your entire fleet. All enhanced diagnostics data, which usually only are available at your dealer, are available for the fleet owner from one single dashboard. This offers you total control over the maintenance process of your fleet. The diagnostic data can easily be shared real-time with dealers and workshops who can remotely assist you if necessary.

It gives fleet managers valuable insight into the health status of their fleets. It makes all functionalities of vehicle diagnostics available over-the-air. It gives you exactly the same insight as the OEM diagnostics equipment used in specialized workshops. Efficiently plan maintenance and repairs and gives you a critical tool for control over the repair invoice process. It gives you the edge instead of being dependent on others.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into all your temperature-controlled assets, ensuring precise control throughout the entire transportation process.

Real-time temperature data from your fleet

Remote vehicle diagnostics will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs by anticipating imminent repairs. Only choose the repairs your vehicle needs and avoid long term costs by quickly fixing vehicle health issues. The prevention of breakdowns means avoiding downtime of your fleet as well as avoiding unnecessary costs. Repair your vehicles on time in order to avoid higher costs on the long term.

Remote diagnostics is not a 100% turn key solutions. If you want to know more about this, please contact us for more detailed information.

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