Dynamic Logging

FleetGO’s Dynamic Logging is the most powerful and accurate GPS tracking mechanism that is currently available. This unique way of logging is set as standard on every remote object that is connected to the FleetGO Cloud.

Dynamic Logging Technology

Dynamic Logging is able to calculate highly accurate distances and routes because it is able to combine four methods of tracking in one device: time, distance, angle, and speed based data acquisition:

Dynamic Logging

Time-based data acquiring

Records are being acquired every time when a defined interval of time passes. Entering zero disables data acquisition depending on time.

Distance-based data acquiring

Records are being acquired when the distance between previous coordinate and the current position is greater than a defined value.

Angle based data acquiring

Records are being acquired when the angle (steering degree) is greater than the defined value. 

Speed based data acquiring

Records when the speed difference between last logged coordinate and current position is greater than the defined value.

Normal Logging vs. Dynamic Logging

Down below you will see the true power of Dynamic Logging™ compared to normal logging. With Dynamic Logging™, the route and distance accuracy is increased extensively.

Normal logging (e.g. by time):

Dynamic Logging:

Accurate Distance Calculation

NOTE: Please note that when the FleetGO black box is connected to the CAN-bus or FMS-bus, we use the real odometer value to calculate distance. Dynamic Logging will then be only used for accurate trip plots on the map.

The real power by combining 4 different methods is that next to optimal route designs, the accuracy of distance calculation is increased excessively. All distance calculations is counted from records and sums them to one distance until the vehicle stops moving and/or the ignition is switched off.

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