GPS OBD Dongle

The OBD Dongle is a flexible solution which gives you all the features of a traditional black box in an instant without any need for installation. Ideal for flexible and/or temporary situations  or for those who require just a single car diagnostic.

GPS OBD Dongle

What is an OBD dongle?

There are various names for the OBD dongle including ‘connector,’ ‘stick,’ and ‘dongle.’ The functions and usage are the same; it is an adapter which you can simply install in your vehicle by connecting it with the OBD port. This port is on the driver’s side under the dashboard in most cars. The data collected by the OBD dongle via its GPS reception and in-built SIM card is encrypted and sent to an online platform or an app via a secure connection. This gives you an overview of all relevant vehicle data in real time.

What information does an OBD dongle register?

An OBD dongle records various information about your vehicle. The exact data collected by the dongle varies according to the model, brand and year of your vehicle. Most types of dongle are able to record the ECU (Engine Control Unit). But the dongle can also record technical information or error messages on the card relating to the sensors, fuel pump, battery, soot filter, or air leaks.  It also provides information such as the location of your vehicle, driver behaviour, fuel usage and CO2 emissions. A wealth of information which enables you to save time and money, increase safety on the road, and be as sustainable as possible.

FleetGO Dongle: 100 % Plug & Play!

Alongside the traditional GPS black box, FleetGO now supplies a black box in the form of an OBD dongle. This is a small device that you can simply install in your vehicle(s) yourself. The OBD dongle can be plugged into the OBDII port (for car diagnostics) which is present in every vehicle after 2001. The OBD dongle provides you with almost all the features of the usual FleetGO black box, but with the advantage that no installation is necessary. 100% Plug & Play!

The OBD dongle (OBD adapter) also has a GPS receiver and a SIM card. You cannot, however, install driver identification or a P/Z switch as it is a simple version. So the OBD dongle is the perfect solution if you would like to quickly equip your vehicle(s) with a professional telematics solution or (temporarily) track your temporary vehicles.


The advantage of an OBD dongle is that you can usually use it alongside your standard built-in systems. It works seamlessly!

  • Journey records
  • Work and journey time records
  • Geofencing
  • Track & Trace
  • Monitor fuel usage
  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Plug & Play – install by hand

Do not run any risks with your journey records!
The Tax Authorities are checking more frequently and intensively and penalties are huge: the default penalty is €4920 plus the unpaid additional fees of max. 5 years! So do not take any risks with trip records and ensure that they are always 100% conclusive and correct.

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